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Class 1 driver training restricted and full driver tests * Company employee driver training * Students with special needs * Other country driver licence conversion * NZTA & NZIDE driving assessments * Refresher for elderly drivers

BOP Driving School

We specialise in driver education for class 1 (private motor vehicle),

Company Employee Driver Education,

Students with Special Needs.

At B.O.P. Driving School we offer a personalised approach to learning to drive.
We use a one on one coaching style rather than straight out teaching.
Fun is an important aspect of the lesson.

At B.O.P. Driving School we will gently encourage you out of your comfort zone (remember we will be with you all the way) and prepare you for your driving test and beyond.

We have a duel control automatic car and also offer lessons in your manual control car.

Topics we will cover:

  • Basic pre drive procedure and vehicle controls
  • Starting, gear change (manual and auto)
  • Stopping and parking
  • Correct mirror use and identifying blind-spots
  • Intersections, give-way and stop rules
  • Hill starts and parking
  • 3 point turns
  • Parallel parking and angle parking
  • Lane changing  
  • On and off ramps merging into higher speed zones and expressway/motorway driving  
  • Reversing in a straight line and into a driveway
  • Hazard detection (a big part of the full licence test)
  • Preparation for the driving test 

Not sure if you are ready to successfully pass your practical test? Or maybe you have failed and lost your confidence.

We can improve your chances of passing your practical test by:

  • Covering all the different requirements of the practical test
  • The pre-test assessment can be done in the official testing area
  • Helping to correct any bad driving habits that you may not be aware of.

Note: We recommend we do the pre-test assessment in the vehicle you will do the test in.
However, our car (auto) can be used if you prefer.


Encouraging good driving is good business. Having a safe driving policy can protect your staff, and enhance your reputation, both within your own company and with your customers.

Providing driver education to any employee who drives a vehicle for work is integral to establishing a SAFE DRIVING POLICY and complying with the law (particularly the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015.

BOP Driviner Training can assist with your driver training needs and provide an individual report for each employee for your records in a cost effective format.


 We have had some great success with students with Aspergers, Autisim etc, and understand extra patience and variations to the training requirements may be required. We can even accompany them during the driving test.

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"Passed pretty easily, thanks for the lessons they definitely helped"


Road Code Practice Quiz

Road Code Practice Quiz

Try a random selection of questions for your car license which covers all the Road Code sections in a mock theory test.